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Who we are and what we do

Dr. des. Natalia Wiechowski (pronounced "VeeHofSkee") or Think Natalia is a Dubai based bilingual - German/English - Public Speaker and Coach with a social media following of over 114,000 individuals worldwide. After winning excellence awards across the MENA region and being featured in leading industry magazines, the former Marketing Strategist decided to radically change her lifestyle and career. A nine-month sabbatical combined with 13 years of expertise in human society and social relationships made the Social Scientist come to the conclusion that she has to think and live by example. Since then Think Natalia loves motivating people and sharing her inspiring stories on public stages. Further topics she speaks on are personal branding / social media and mindset / mindfulness. The Edutainer - amongst others - gave keynotes and workshops at the Global WIL Economic Forum, ATCE, DTAC (Bahrain), Startup Weekend and Middlesex University. Besides that, Think Natalia coaches top Middle Eastern executives and aspiring entrepreneurs in Personal Branding, Public Speaking and Impression Management.

  • Public Speaking

    Social Media & Personal Branding, Motivation & Inspiration (Keynote Speeches), Positive Mindset & Mindfulness

  • Coaching & Training (individuals)

    Impression Management (10 sessions), Personal Branding (5 sessions), Public Speaking (10 sessions)

  • Workshops & Seminars (Groups)

    Length: 2-4 hours, topics: Social Media & Personal Branding, Positive Mindset & Mindfulness

S P Jain Startup weekend Abu Dhabi Middlesex University Dubai Sheraa Sharjah naseba The Society of Petroleum Engineers

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Speech Topics

Think Natalia's favorite topics when she is booked as a public speaker
Personal Branding & Social Media

Personal Branding: An online, offline, inside & outside job – – Social media content strategies – – Online collaborations & social networking

Motivation & Inspiration (Keynote Speeches)

How I reinvented myself during a self-imposed 9 months sabbatical – – How 10 days of living like a monk in noble silence changed my life – – I am Buddhaful

Positive Mindset & Mindfulness

The power of healthy habits – – The art of visualization, positive affirmations & meditation – – Challenges of change & how to overcome them

Training & Coaching Courses

We have developed three great programs for you. Check them out and choose the right one for you.


For start-ups and solopreneurs in the lifestyle industry

10 sessions:

  • Profile sharpening
  • Mindset & healthy habits
  • Personal branding
  • Blog/web page
  • (Social) media
  • Public relations
  • Outer appearance
  • Social networking
  • Public speaking & storytelling
  • Proving leadership/excellence
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Personal Branding

For individuals in the corporate world and freelancers

5 sessions:

  • Profile sharpening
  • LinkedIn profile optimisation
  • Storytelling & writing articles
  • Social media content strategy
  • Instagram & Facebook
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Public Speaking

For every brave individual out there who wants to face this fear

10 sessions:

  • Finding a speech topic
  • Structuring your thoughts
  • Storytelling & rhetoric devices
  • Interacting with your audience
  • Body language & moving on stage
  • Controlling your stage fright
  • Motivating & inspiring
  • Impromptu speaking
  • Using visual aids
  • How to prepare for the big day
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Experts & Partners

Brilliant minds Think Natalia regularly works with & who would love to support you on your journey as well
Lifehacker & Money saving App
Double the fun with 2-for-1 offers across restaurants, activities, attractions & spas. Get a 10% discount by using the code “Natalia10”: . We are fans of this brilliant concept since 5 years! The promo code is valid on ALL entertainer products worldwide in various GCC countries, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, London, Athens, Cyprus etc.
No.1 Shopify experts in the UAE & region
Efficient. Creative. Goal driven. Creative971 is an award winning, boutique E-Commerce Agency in Dubai. Founded by a German pair of siblings (Julia and Nico Jackle), they focus on building your E-Commerce Store, Website, Blog or Digital Marketing. Mention “Think Natalia” when asking for your quote to receive an extra meeting with e-commerce guidance and infos.
Sami Khatib
Sami Khatib
Portrait, Corporate & Events Photographer
When Sami made his passion his career he, within a few weeks, assisted legends like David Hobby & Joe McNally. Why? Sami’s profound understanding of customer needs & sarcastic humour makes him a pleasure to work with. Combining these assets with his technical knowledge in photography, it’s self-explanatory why Sami shoots for leading companies in the UAE. Think Natalia’s social media material is created & post-edited by Sami, too.
Aida Hamidi Tabrizi
Aida Hamidi Tabrizi
Lifestyle Photographer & Instagram Wizard
Aida helped Think Natalia reinventing her Instagram account and taught us a lot about photography, hashtags and other success hacks for our social media channels. Aida does not only know “her stuff”, her humor and positive attitude towards life make her a pleasure to work with. We collaborate on a regular basis and help each other’s brands grow.
My Ex Wardrobe
My Ex Wardrobe
Lifehacker & Clothes Shop
My Ex Wardrobe provides a fashionable and socially-concious way to give your clothes a second chance at happiness, whilst encouraging the reduction of your individual carbon footprint. It was run (and still runs) through monthly pop-up-shop style events that take place at various locations throughout Dubai; but now also expanded to an online store. MEW’s ethos is to: reduce – reuse – recycle – re-own.
Amjad Iqbal
Amjad Iqbal
Web Designer & Frontend Developer
Amjad helps Think Natalia with her web page, whenever her expertise reaches its borders. He also supports creative entrepreneurs in building their digital business by developing the three key elements of a successful platform that includes branding, web design and development.
Karien Mulder
Karien Mulder
Audio-visual Artist & Designer
Karien is a Dubai based freelance audio-visual artist, designer and visual communication specialist. Her work comprises of various multimedia platforms such as illustration, design, video, editing and animation. She – amongst others – also created Think Natalia’s logo and branding guidelines. Karien has been working in Dubai for 4 years.
Psychologist & Relationship Coach
Born and raised in Germany, SilkCelia spent a lot of time at university, been trained by specialists and worked as a counseling psychologist. When more and more women came into her practice seeking help with their relationships, she became devotedly interested in why so many independent and strong women are feeling miserable in their relationships. This is when SilkCelia – as a concept and calling – was born.

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