Think Natalia - Public SpeakerDr. des. Natalia Wiechowski is an award-winning, bilingual Public Speaker and Coach. The edutainer radically changed her life(style) and career to follow her passion after a self-imposed sabbatical. 


At the age of 15, Think Natalia was one of the two female Soloists who introduced a new category – DiscoDance – to the German competitive dance scene. She danced at international championships and music concerts with audiences of up to 12,000 people. Her most notable achievements included multiple Master accreditations in both Solo and Formation dancing. That being said, from 1998-2008 it was only natural that Think Natalia belonged to the most successful athletes in Garbsen.


To better understand her social environment Think Natalia studied social science (Master of Arts). Moreover, she paired it with practical experience by working as a Chief PR Officer in a student consulting enterprise. Think Natalia’s superior course achievements and non-university commitment also saw her being awarded with an e-fellows scholarship.


After finalizing her studies Think Natalia emigrated from Germany to work for Abu Dhabi Education Council. Being known for her can-do-approach, she solely built up a library from scratch for Emirati students. During her next project in Dubai, she helped a German material handling giant to land cover stories in three leading industry magazines. Of course Think Natalia did not stop there, she added three excellence awards in Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.


When spending almost nine months in isolation during her sabbatical in 2014 to find her purpose, Think Natalia came to the conclusion that her mission is to cultivate striking personal brands & great, positive minds.

What do you do with the knowledge out of studying human behavior for over 13 years and this new insight? Think Natalia developed a unique training program, which combines the most successful elements out of personal branding, social media and public relations. In addition to that, the edutainer enjoys spreading her message of empowerment on public stages.