Success, habits & failures. My CareNation interview with Dev Gadhvi

Dev Gadhvi - Think NataliaI genuinely love the power of LinkedIn. A few weeks ago, when I was travelling across Europe during my summer holidays, a message from a gentleman called Dev Gadhvi appeared in my inbox. He wanted to interview me for his show.


I did a short online research on who Dev Gadhvi is and told him that I will gladly accept the invite when I will be back in Dubai. Why? The sentence “Dev had built a community called CareNation. It consists of people who care for their and others future.” caught my attention. That sounded like a movement worth contributing to.


About Dev Gadhvi


Dev is on a mission to inspire and empower 10 million people. He is an author, speaker and sales and social media expert based in Pune, India. His book “80% Mindset 20% Skill – Life Changing Formula to Become Unstoppable in 9 days” is set to change lives by providing individuals with a proven step by step guide to become extraordinary in their own standards.


In more detail: Dev supports those, who commit to change, to give up middle-class mentality and gain a millionaire mindset. He empowers these individuals to grow their income substantially and to become excellent in sales and business.


Topics we discussed


During 37 minutes, Dev and I – amongst others – discussed my why, my definition of success, how I stay motivated and what kind of failures I have faced. Further topics we reflected on are how anyone can become unstoppable, what kind of habits are successful habits and what books I read.


Where you can watch/listen to the interview


Watch the interview here. Also make sure to follow Dev on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook  or Instagram to be part of his journey and get inspired.


Thank you very much for the invite and for being part of your show, Dev. Good luck on your exciting mission!




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