Hands in Hope - Think Natalia III

Ever tried energy healing? A visit to Hands in Hope Dubai

Before hosting an event recently, I met the parents of one of my business partners. The parents wanted to mentally support and see their successful, grown-up children/entrepreneurs in action on stage. I love individuals who think like that! No wonder why we three immediately clicked.   I had totally forgotten that Barbara was an energy[…]

Think Natalia - Yoginfinity

How to combine yoga & meditation with business skills. Yoginfinity’s success story

I ran into Stefania from Yoginfinity during an industry get-together. She somehow stood out of the crowd. I don’t know if it was her elegant style, her positive energy or friendly smile. Whatever. I have the habit to always approach the most colourful and unique individual I spot during an event. So I did what I[…]

Think Natalia Interview Creamfinance Matiss Ansviesulis

The good, bad & ugly truth of Entrepreneurship: Lessons learned from Matiss Ansviesulis

You never heard of Matiss Ansviesulis before? He is a big name in Europe. That is the reason why I featured the CEO and Co-Founder of Creamfinance in my blog, today. Matiss’ and my paths crossed on LinkedIn a few weeks ago. The way he speaks, his energy level and commitment towards inspiring people through entrepreneurship reminds me[…]