Think Natalia Interview Creamfinance Matiss Ansviesulis

The good, bad & ugly truth of Entrepreneurship: Lessons learned from Matiss Ansviesulis

You never heard of Matiss Ansviesulis before? He is a big name in Europe. That is the reason why I featured the CEO and Co-Founder of Creamfinance in my blog, today. Matiss’ and my paths crossed on LinkedIn a few weeks ago. The way he speaks, his energy level and commitment towards inspiring people through entrepreneurship reminds me[…]

Think Natalia - podcast interview

My Disciplined Disruption Podcast Interview with Michael Alf

Michael Alf, Director KPMG Enterprise, Host of the Disciplined Disruption Podcast, Virtual Sparring Partner, Virtual Summit Expert and Speaker recently invited me to be part of his podcast. I would be the first millennial as a guest.   Of course, that sounded exciting! Michael has had a 25+ year global career in various industries, continents[…]