What are the benefits of working with Dr. des. Natalia? We asked ourselves this question and came to the following conclusion:


  1. Dr. des. Natalia has been through what you are going though. We provide a tried and tested structure to fast-track your success.
  2. We collaborate with and refer to leading experts in their fields – e.g. stylists, photographers, dentists, hypnotherapists, life coaches
  3. Dr. des. Natalia studied human society and social relationships for over 13 years. She owns a German Master of Arts and a Doctor of Philosophy (University of Hanover).
  4. We give our very best to be authentic, positive, highly energetic and inspiring every day
  5. We EDUTAIN (educate & entertain) you when working with you




Below you will find a hand full of testimonials and reviews from private and corporate clients who worked with Think Natalia. For more recommendations, please visit Dr. des.Natalia’s Linkedin profile.




Awesome Walkers - Think Natalia clients“I met Natalia at a conference in Bahrain. She came across as a very charming and lively person full of enthusiasm for life. As she took the stage to present her keynote she lit up the audience and made sure that she left an impact. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from someone who has managed to successfully manage herself as a brand and coaches others to uplift their own personal brand. I am sure anyone who comes in contact with Natalia will vouch for what I say here. She is spectacular and makes those around her the same too with her infectious personality.” Samir Geepee, Founder & Curator at Awesome Walkers


Think Natalia - customer“Natalia was a keynote speaker at a conference I ran in Dubai, inspiring a generation of young professionals to achieve more and develop their personal branding. Natalia has amazing expertise in this field. From the feedback we received, our audience took a lot not only from her presentation content, but also from her own presentation style and confidence. Natalia is an engaging and enjoyable presenter and I hope I get to work with her again soon.” James Whitaker, Young Members Programs Specialist at Society of Petroleum Engineers


DHL logo Think Natalia“When we talk about delivering a presentation or some educational seminars by a person who has an amazing stage presence, command and control, the right language and pronunciation, Natalia is the perfect example of it. I attended her session during an annual regional Toastmaster conference in Bahrain on 19th May 2017 where the target audience was about 700 to 800 in numbers, the way she delivered her speech was commendable. Very beneficial  to the point and targeting any age group. Job well done by Natalia and I am glad that I was there to witness this myself.” Ali Sibtain, Customer Service Supervisor at DHL Express Bahrain




Startup weekend Dubai Think Natalia“I had the pleasure of having Natalia as a motivational speaker at Startup Weekend Dubai FashTech. Natalia was able to transmit her energy to the teams which were formed of new-to-the-market individuals ready to make their dreams come true. Her advices were key in order for the participants to pitch their business ideas in front of judges coming from top multinationals and local organization. I could see the improvement from the first pitch. Thanks to Natalia’s guidance, they were confident and to the point, which was key to achieve outstanding results.” Giorgio Lutfi, Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Startup Weekend Dubai FashTech


Think Natalia - client“I met Natalia when she was delivering a workshop at Sheraa – Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center about Storytelling and Public Speaking. She has a great mix of fun and professional personality that I admire a lot! She was also very helpful giving advice and feedback for me and my team to improve our presentation when we were participating in the Startup Weekend Abu Dhabi!” Oday Zaher, Marketing & Events Executive at Sheraa – Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center


SPE German Section - Think Natalia“It was a great pleasure to have Natalia as a speaker on the topic of personal branding and development at our workshop. Natalia is an exceptional person: her enthusiasm and positive attitude are definitely contagious. We have got an amazing feedback revealing that the audience was not only inspired by Natalia’s talk but also took a lot from her way of presenting. It was great honor meeting Natalia and I hope to work with her further in the future.” Dr. Oksana Zhebel, President at German Section SPE




Katherine Winny logo“Natalia is extremely knowledgeable in her field and helped me identify the steps I needed to build my own, authentic brand. Whilst I hesitated about investing in my business at such an early stage, the value Natalia added has been completely worth it. I was able to launch my website within three weeks of my first session – something I would never have managed without her! Natalia is fun to work with, full of useful nuggets of information and great contacts that will help you in other areas of your business. If you are looking for someone to support you in building your brand, Think Natalia!” Katherine Winny, Life & Balance Coach 


Right selection logo Think NataliaDr. Natalia has been an absolutely fantastic coach for both – personal branding and public speaking.I have received a standing ovation for a keynote speech I delivered in front of 300 thought leaders after working with Dr. Natalia. She is down to earth, approachable, filled with positive energy, has a good sense of humor and above all an authentic person whose passion is to transform peoples lives. For any executive or entrepreneur looking for a coach in personal branding and public speaking, I recommend you connect with Think Natalia.” Gautam Ganglani, Managing Director at Right Selection


nbp logo think natalia“Natalia is an extremely organized professional, a person of integrity and commitment. She offers a unique skill set that makes her standout. Her cheerful and professional attitude together with bright vision helped us in escalating our “baby” brand Nude by Pencil to another level of exposure in social media and PR matters. Natalia is a brilliant public speaker and motivator. I am impressed with Natalia’s drive and determination. She is a very intelligent and creative person who inspires others.” Iana Mizunschi, Co-Founder at Nude by Pencil




The Gracious F - logo“Natalia is an outstanding coach. Her vibrant personality fills the room with motivation. I have had a profound improvement in my presentation skills thanks to Natalia’s expertise. I feel focused, confident and well acknowledged by my audience when presenting. I advice whoever wants to get over the fear of public speaking to take a course with Natalia. She truly makes you think like Natalia.” Fatima Al Shirawi, Middle East’s leading Color Consultant


nbf logo Think Natalia“Working with Natalia was an extremely fulfilling and enlightening experience; her root cause analysis based approach focuses on breaking issues down to their core and then providing practical and workable solutions. She is a gifted guide and I look forward to working with her again.” Fatima Qasim, Head of Business Management at National Bank of Fujairah


Temenos logo Think Natalia“I reached out to Natalia in my pursuit of finding a professional that will give me a true and honest account of my public speaking skills and help me reach my potential in that space. I must say that in the 5 or 6 times that we met, I got more than what I signed up for! With Natalia, it did does not just stop at learning public speaking techniques that she so eloquently explains and delivers; spending time with this unique individual will help you unleash locked up ideas and capabilities within yourself that you did know you could do. Thanks Natalia, it has been a pleasure!Nihal Abughattas, Head of Marketing, Middle East & Africa at  Temenos



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