When it comes to personal branding coaching Think Natalia offers five power-programs:

  • Personal Branding for Executives. Focus: LinkedIn (5 sessions)
  • Personal Branding for Solopreneurs (5 sessions)
  • Public Speaking for Beginners (5 sessions)
  • Public Speaking Master Course (5 sessions)
  • Success Mindset – in collaboration with SilkCelia (5 sessions)

The target of the two Personal Branding courses is to create a stunning online & offline image for top executes and solopreneurs. Secondly, the Public Speaking courses aim at turning you into a self-confident, impressive public speaker. Last but not least, the Success Mindset course will change the way you work and attract greatness into your life.

Below you will find the details of the courses – and yes, these are just leitmotifs. The coaching content will be adapted to each individual’s needs resp. knowledge level in the respective areas.

Personal Branding Coaching - Think Natalia

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One session lasts 60 minutes and takes place every seven days. It can be conducted via Skype or at beautiful, luxurious venue in Dubai. Also worth mentioning: You are a vital element to success in the programs. The outcome of the coaching strongly depends on your commitment towards your personal growth. No amount of coaching will change anything if you do not complete your prep work, do not train your speeches etc.



In a first step, Think Natalia will provide you with a set of tasks that you will have to work on. In a  second step, both of you will discuss your ideas during your next Skype call or one-on-one meeting. Together you will then dig deeper, brainstorm and fill in the blanks to find solutions that are in line with your personal brand’s targets. This is what we label as the “coaching part”.

Some of these sessions will be pure training sessions: Think Natalia will teach you everything you need to know regarding personal branding, social media content strategy or LinkedIn/instagram. No need to read long, complicated theory books. Think Natalia has done enough of that during the last 13 years. 



Think Natalia will ask you to prepare a short speech for every session. A mini speech, which allows you to train the specific area you have to focus on. E.g. body language or rhetorical devices. After delivering your speech, you will discuss potential challenges and receive a constructive feedback that will help you for your next speech. A briefing for the next talk follows as well.