Interested in a collaboration? Quite a few companies, organizations and/or personal brands from all across the globe regularly approach us with the statement:

We would love to collaborate with you as an influencer, Think Natalia! But we have no clue how this works! We have never done such thing before. What can you offer us? And what do you expect from our side in return?”

Through continuous experimenting over the last three years and learning from the best influencers out there, Think Natalia came to the conclusion that she can create the biggest value for you through the following services and actions.




  • Writing a review/article about you and Think Natalia’s experience with your brand, which will be published on her edutaining blog www.ThinkNatalia.com. Alternative: Think Natalia could interview you.
  • Providing you with 3 – 5 post edited photos (for your social media channels/web page) of Think Natalia at your premises resp. using your products.
  • Creating a short video for you (1 – 4 minutes). Content: Our story, Think Natalia at your premises resp. using your products.
  • Sharing the article, video and photos on her social media channels (we’ll tag you and use your #). Till today, we have inspired over 113,000 followers worldwide!
  • Posting #BTS (behind the scenes) photos and videos on Instagram stories and Instagram live to share the raw feeling of your brand.
  • Holding a speech or workshop at your premises for your customers/team – if you are a hotel, retreat, wellness center or something similar
  • Yoga and meditation classes (in collaboration with a certified yoga teacher) – if you are a hotel, retreat, wellness center or something similar




The following features characterize the (personal) brands we currently support and love to collaborate with. Organizations, individuals and companies which:

  • Educate, inspire and/or empower individuals
  • Create awareness around social and environmental challenges
  • Encourage smart user behavior and consumption
  • Make use of, reuse resp. create sustainable, recycled products




Thank you for not approaching us, if one of the below items describes your (personal) brand’s mindset and/or actions:

  • You are not interested in a genuine collaboration based on transparency and honesty.
  • You are more interested in making money than creating value for your customers.
  • Your brand promotes the idea of (verbal and/or physical) violence against any kind of living beings.
  • The consumption of your products leads to severe long-term health issues.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. We look forward to hearing from you (and will then discuss how you can brighten up our day 🙂 ).