Cyberfeminist vs. Edutainer. My Interview with Magda Chelly

Cyberfeminist vs. Edutainer - Think NataliaMagda and I connected on LinkedIn a few weeks ago. We were both impressed by each other’s profiles and wanted to know more about the work of a cyberfeminist resp. edutainer.


We arranged a Skype call, clicked immediately, decided that we should create a video interview together and share it with the world. A week later the piece of content you are reading now was ready to be published… Working with such kind of individuals (people who get things done) makes me happy.


Cyberfeminist: About Magda Chelly


Magda Chelly describes herself as an Entrepreneur, CISO Advisor and Cyberfeminist. Further hats she wears are: Peerlyst Brand Ambassador and TOP 50 Cyber Influencer with international experience in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The energy bundle also is a multi-language Speaker (amongst others English, Arabic, French, Italian and Polish). In addition to that she holds a PhD Degree in Telecommunication Engineering.


Her colleagues and friend characterize her as an active individual driven by innovation, excellence and perfection with the main objective to create a success story and impact the world. Yep. I definitely saw that shining though in our conversation!


Topics we discussed


During 26 minutes, Magda and I – amongst other things – discussed various tips around cyber security and women in leadership, for example: What is a Cyberfeminist? What is the biggest mistake people keep on doing in the world wide web – from a cyber security point of view? Why does Mark Zuckerberg tape his laptop camera? And should we do the same? On the other side we reflected on: What does an edutainer do? Do you face any challenges as a female entrepreneur in the Middle East? And if so, what sort of challenges?


Where you can watch the interview


Watch the interview here; and follow Magda on Twitter if you want to stay up-to-date in regards to cyber security and cyber feminism.


Thank you very much for the fun conversation and great exchange of ideas, Magda! All the best and keep in touch!




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