Excelling in Digital Marketing? – Not a challenge anymore!

Eight Creative Technology - Think Natalia - Digital marketingEight Creative Technology, in partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute, recently launched a Professional Digital Marketing Diploma in Abu Dhabi. Eight describes it as “the only accredited digital marketing qualification designed, taught and validated by the digital industry“. That sounded interesting! So read a bit more about it, met the founders and decided to join the course.


Digital Marketing: My former pain points


I am pretty happy with my social media, content strategy and personal branding skills. But aspects that I have successfully ignored so far – which had cost me countless valuable business opportunities – are search engine optimization, pay per click and e-mail marketing. Yes, resistance also visits me daily.


Over the last years, my focus used to be my PhD studies. So I only read an article about digital display marketing here and joined a webinar about SEO marketing there. It was tiring. I felt overwhelmed, as I never understood how various digital tools are interconnected and which instruments could empower me to maximize the impact of my marketing strategy. I am sure many of you share the same frustration.


Digital Marketing: The course content


The 40-hour course is a series of the following nine comprehensive, structured modules:


·      Introduction to Digital Marketing

·      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

·      Search Marketing (PPC)

·      Social Media Marketing

·      Digital Display Marketing

·      Email Marketing

·      Mobile Marketing

·      Reporting and Analytics

·      Digital Strategy and Planning


Finally! All the essential skills and knowledge I needed if I wanted to excel as a digital professional. What I really liked is the fact that individuals from Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. regularly have a look at the syllabus and correct it if required. Why? – To keep the content up-to-date.


The venue and participants


Eight Creative Technology - Think Natalia - Digital marketingWe were eight participants from all across the region: Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon and the UAE. Expats and Locals. Women and one gentleman. Individuals in different stages of their careers and lives. With various levels of skills and experiences in digital marketing. Everybody was there to learn and everyone had great stories and real life experiences to share.


The Professional Digital Marketing Diploma course took place at the board meeting room of Eight Creative Technology. A beautiful premise full of colors, a picturesque view over the Sheikh Zayed Bridge and the ocean, as well as inspirational messages across various walls.


The trainer and daily schedule


Freya Jones is the owner and CEO of Digital AdDoctor, a dedicated content experience ad digital performance-marketing agency. She has consulted on digital marketing for more than a decade in the UK and UAE and worked with SMEs, startups and enterprises in both the public and private sector.


In short: She knows her stuff and spiced up her knowledge with excellent case studies and hilarious comments in-between (e.g. “Google is a little bit like an old, semi-blind, deaf lady. You need to explain every page of your website to her.”).


Freya’s passion for digital marketing shined through the whole week: Every day, for five days, from 9am – 6pm (there are also part-time programs of five week’s length available) Freya taught us how exciting the world of digital marketing can be. It was a bit technology-heavy from time to time, yes. But the end results? Priceless!


Key take-aways and next steps


Digital marketing is a skill that you can learn like any other skill. It also isn’t that complicated. The more you understand and work with it, the more fun it will be. I finally grasped the main concepts and techniques in the above-mentioned nine areas – and acquired quite a few new skills – that will elevate my digital marketing strategy to the next level.


The practical learning activities and exercises build a great foundation. I now started repeating everything I have learned, as the diploma asks for a three hours long test, that needs to be taken within six months after participating in the course. I can then officially call myself a certified digital marketing professional. How awesome!


Take a free digital diagnostic test!


Eight designed a short and fun diagnostics test to benchmark your skills against  your industry peers. You will receive customized feedback on your strengths and areas of improvement in digital marketing. It only takes 10 minutes. Try it now!


Alternatively, sign up for the next courses. They take place in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. If you have any further questions, directly contact Eight.


Let me know about your experience and what your biggest learning was. I look forward to hearing from you.