My Dr. Will Show Podcast Interview with Dr. Will Deyamport

Dr. Will Podcast Think NataliaIt all started on social media. One early morning a Twitter post from a gentlemen called Dr. Will Deyamport appeared on my smart phone: “Think Natalia, I would love to have you as a guest on my show.”


I did what I always do: A short online research. Who is Dr. Will? What is he passionate about? How does he make a difference? – Dr. Will is a globally connected educator, Ed consultant, speaker, guest lecturer, writer from Hattiesburg (Mississippi); and great individual to exchange ideas with.


Dr. Will’s mission is to empower, educate and lead discussions about how educators are using a multitude of technologies for professional development and for reimagining their classrooms.


About the Dr. Will Show


The educator started his blog in 2009 when he was a family life educator. Since becoming an instructional technologist, the blog – consisting out of articles, vlogs and podcasts – has evolved to focus on the educational applications of going digital.


Dr. Will’s research and work has given him the opportunity to connect and collaborate with some of the most inspiring and acclaimed people in education both nationally and internationally. Through these collaborations, Dr. Will has been able to facilitate and curate powerful, thought-provoking and enlightening conversations and content.


Topics we discussed


During 41 minutes, Dr. Will Deyamport and I – amongst others – discussed the topics “how to overcome self-doubts”, personal branding in the educational field and the powerful difference between asking “How can I add value?” instead of “What shall I do with my skills?” In short, we chatted about what is holding you back from living the life you want to live.


Where you can watch/listen to the podcast


Watch the podcast here. If you prefer using other channels, no worries. You will also find the interview on Soundcloud. Also make sure to follow Dr. Will on Twitter to get your daily dose of inspiration.


Thank you very much for the invite and for being part of your show, Dr. Will. As promised, let’s continue our conversation in summer this year. I look forward to that.