E-commerce Expert Interview: A fresh start-up on the way to the top

Think Natalia e-commerce shopifyIt all started with a like on my Instagram channel. And then another one. And another one. “Wait… isn’t that the lady I met five years ago on an expat networking event? She also turned into an entrepreneur – focussing on e-commerce & Shopify – and she still lives in Dubai. How cool is that! Let me write her an e-mail right now.”


Julia Jäckle and I met, we had coffee and found ways of collaborating. Especially Creative971, a business Julia started with her brother Nico, sounded very ambitious and exciting. A concept that more people should know about in my opinion. That is why I decided to interview Creative971 and learn more about their journey to success, their niche and Shopify.


About Creative971, e-commerce and shopify


Natalia: Nico and Julia, what is your story?


Creative971: Creative971 was officially born in August 2016 in Dubai, however, we have been working on the whole idea and concept already years before that. Nico has studied IT Engineering and was always passionate about technical insides and web optimizations. Whereas I, Julia, who studied banking/financing with a focus on business development/marketing, had gained a lot of experience in creative works and designs such as social media. So from a step-by-step process, we decided to move ahead making our entrepreneurial step as brother and sister and complementing each other’s fields of expertise.


Natalia: There are countless Digital Agencies out there. What makes you unique?


Creative971: PERSONALIZED SERVICE, genuine guidance and care, way beyond the digital workscope. We are providing A-Z solutions and integrations as well as support.  We are aside from that Shopify’s number 1 listed expert for e-commerce for the UAE and GCC.


Natalia: I have heard that you already achieved stunning milestones in less than four months. Tell us more about it!


Creative971: As mentioned above, we have accomplished to become Shopify’s number 1 listed E-Commerce Expert for the UAE and GCC by the end of last year. Another milestone at the end of last year was the award win of #crowdfundxb3.0, which was held via Impacthub Dubai and sponsored by Dubai Government.


The latest addition to our milestones will be the official hosting by us of the first ever Shopify Meet up in Dubai in May 2017.


Natalia: For those who have never heard of Shopify before. What is Shopify and what is it good for?


Creative971: Shopify is not just an e-commerce software, Shopify is the best e-commerce platform that has everything you need to sell online, on social media, or in person, – it is very scalable from a small startup to enterprises, all size of companies can be found. Also it can be any online sales – services or products. There is no limitation.


Shopify is the #1 E-Commerce Platform worldwide in all facts, whether we talk about the system itself, the security, the costs, the scalability, the safety or the backend handling.


Natalia: That sounds fantastic but is it affordable…?


Creative971: Well, it is the best concept, market leader in its kind of E-commerce platform, so it is affordable.


Natalia: How does your typical customer look like?


Creative971: Our typical client has either an idea or already an existing startup or long-term business that they want to take online, in order to grow and optimize sales. It can be from a cleaning company, to a rental space or product or services sale. Basically anyone who wishes to sell online using a payment gateway. Also we do offer site management or maintenance contracts for the website, as well as related services such as SEO, social media, logo design, etc. – all linked through your e-commerce business.


Natalia: What was the most exciting project you worked on until now?


Creative971: So far our most exciting completed project is Iamalma.com, a yoga/life balancing retreat, which is one of its kind in the UAE.


Natalia: What is the biggest mistake people tend to make when setting up their e-commerce presence?


Creative971: Usually people tend to forget that it is a business and requires discipline and sincere and professional efforts in order to grow it further.


Natalia: How will the e-commerce sector in the UAE develop in the next years?


Creative971: We have many exciting things happening within the UAE from a governmental perspective in order to facilitate and boost the online businesses and creating a way to step forward in the global revolution of digitalization. E-commerce forecast to quadruple from 2015 to a $20billions market by 2020.


Natalia: When and where can we learn more about you?


Creative971: Where and when? The best is during the first ever in history Shopify event in Dubai. Be part of an e-commerce historical milestone 🙂