The good, bad & ugly truth of Entrepreneurship: Lessons learned from Matiss Ansviesulis

Think Natalia Interview Creamfinance Matiss AnsviesulisYou never heard of Matiss Ansviesulis before? He is a big name in Europe. That is the reason why I featured the CEO and Co-Founder of Creamfinance in my blog, today. Matiss’ and my paths crossed on LinkedIn a few weeks ago. The way he speaks, his energy level and commitment towards inspiring people through entrepreneurship reminds me a tiny little bit of Gary Vaynerchuk. Great yet humble. Ambitious yet down-to-earth. But why don’t I allow Matiss to share his story and what drives him on his own?


Matiss Ansviesulis: An introduction


  1. Matiss, what is your story?

Matiss: My mission is to inspire people through entrepreneurship, however it took me a while to figure out my path and the purpose. I come from a middle class family from Latvia, I am the youngest child with three older siblings and as long as I can remember I’ve always had a sole purpose in my mind – to beat others and be number one anywhere, all the time. I always focused on getting into the best school, best university, best job and eventually being the best in entrepreneurship. Until I figured out that nobody really cares, since we all eventually just focus on ourselves. I also figured out that people are usually impressed about success stories of other people but are rather looking for content that could inspire them and give them an opportunity to grow and improve instead of stories of super-achievers who did their best to out-compete everyone. I still want to achieve success, but for a better reason now.


  1. Which real world problem does Creamfinance solve?

Matiss: We make money available and we want to make borrowing money online as simple as clicking one click. So one thing we do is provide credit online to people that have had limited access to financial products, otherwise known as “underbanked” (for people with great credit rating and a nice job in the western world this might seem shocking).


  1. Within a short time, your company won countless titles and has been featured across various impressive media outlets. Which recognition are you the most proud of; and why?

Matiss: While such titles are great, I am really not proud of any of them. What I am proud of is firstly the amazing high-performance team we have in Cream and second, the speed and convenience we deliver to consumers who need credit.


  1. I have seen that you have a personal blog as well. What makes it unique/great?

Matiss: I have no idea whether it’s unique or great, that was never my intention. What I do focus on is to share real life experience of what it means to build a high performance international company and I try to portray all sides of entrepreneurship – not only the happy side of amazing trips, inspiring connections, VIP areas and bubbling champagne but also the dark, ugly side of it, such as tireless nights, sweat, frustration, anxiety, constant risk-taking and failure. Media promotes a fairly distorted image of what it means to be a business owner. On my blog I want to add a dose of reality and I want to package both of those entrepreneurship aspects for people who are wannabe-entrepreneurs and who are considering what to do next.


  1. What is your favorite topic to reflect on resp. talk about? And why?

Matiss: Great question, it changes over time of course. At the moment – I ponder a lot on impact of business to society and how to use the money shareholders make to really do things that matter (making profits is great, but helping people is far better).


  1. What are the three key misperceptions people seem to have when it comes to being a business owner/entrepreneur?

Matiss: There are many! It’s interesting that society forms an image that any entrepreneur is a rich, arrogant individual who can afford anything. It’s surprising that people believe that business ownership gives instant freedom, allows for far more creativity and makes you rich very fast. All of those things are totally possible, and in almost all cases, only after at least five years of extremely hard work and constant setbacks.


  1. I am sure you implemented a few habits that help you getting rid off the everyday entrepreneurial challenges. What do you do to calm down? Sport, music, meditation?

Matiss: Sure, what works for me is doing sports, especially high-adrenaline ones – snowboarding, motocross. High-adrenaline sports help me cleanse my mind from thoughts; it’s like a “thinking break”. Spending time with family and also being alone is extremely important for me. Spending time with my wife and daughter is soothing.


  1. What is the next big step for Creamfinance?

Matiss: We want to continue executing on our mission – to make money available through one click loans to consumers globally and to gradually increase loan amounts and reduce interest rates. Eventually we want to become a top three non-secured, online consumer loan provider globally.


  1. What is the one advice you want to share with entrepreneurs?

Matiss: The best advice is just to do it and not give up. Make sure you know your strengths and weaknesses and focus on attracting and delegating to people who complement you. And constantly invest in yourself and your people. Just common sense.


  1. How can people contact you if they want to learn more about you and your work?

Matiss: You are always welcome to check my Youtube vlog, where I share my insights and thoughts on entrepreneurship and success/failure, you can read my blog and follow me on Instagram. I also use LinkedIn a lot and you can easily reach me there: