We assume that some of the below FAQs are “serious”, some of them maybe not (so much)… 😉 Please have a look at them to get a better idea of who we are and how we think. Do not hesitate contacting us in case your specific question has not been answered.


Which real world problem do you solve?

Think Natalia empowers individuals through cultivating striking personal brands & great, positive minds. The Edutainer also gives people hope by embracing her WIP (work in progress) status and thereby inspires her environment to step out of his/her comfort zone, as Think Natalia believes that this is the place where the “magic” happens.


Do you seriously think that you can make this world a better place?

Yes; and so you can. How? By starting to be a better person. If you do not like what you see resp. what you are surrounded by, why don´t YOU start making a difference and act as a role model for others? You will be wowed by the effect it has. Give it a try! Be your own inspiration for 30 days.


How does your typical client look like?

That strongly depends on the service you are interested in. As a public speaker, Think Natalia is mainly approached by entrepreneurial hubs, universities, business schools, non-profit organizations, event organizers and wellness centers. If those companies and institutions look for more than a (keynote) speech, they usually ask for a seminar or workshop.

When it comes to coaching & training, Think Natalia’s typical client is between 28 – 48 years old. Especially the Impression Management clients can be characterized as curious, creative individuals who realized that there is more to life than living up to the expectations of others. The majority of our clients identified their passion and want to start their own business – a one (wo-)men show, at least in the beginning. Most of these prospective entrepreneurs found their calling in the lifestyle industry: For example in social media and blogging, arts, fitness and wellness, fashion, photography as well as coaching.


How long are your speeches? Your seminars? Your training courses?

Think Natalia’s speeches usually are approx. 30 – 45 min. long; her workshops and seminars 2 – 4 hours. The 60 min. long training courses consist out of 5 resp. 10 sessions, which take place every 7 – 10 days.


 So you think you know it all?

She WANTs it all. Think Natalia never said she KNOWs it all. The more you read, the more you realize that you actually know nothing. With every answered question a new one arises. Anyway, we always gladly share our (current) knowledge and opinions on life and business with you. But who said that our understanding is “the” truth or the only “right” answer? We definitely didn´t.


Are you aware that your personality intimidates people?

Think Natalia genuinely enjoys trying new things, setting herself almost unreachable goals and living a healthy life(style). If you feel intimidated by this type of personality, ask yourself why. Suggestion: Change your mindset from intimidation to inspiration. Think Natalia is there to help you. Not to scare you.


You are weird! And you live in your own world, don´t you?

Yes, Think Natalia is “crazy” and “weird” because she believes that “we’re never gonna survive unless we are a little crazy” (Seal). Actually, Think Natalia sees that as a compliment. What about you? Don´t you live in your own world as well? From your point of view: What makes life worth living? What upsets you and why? What are your key values in life?


Oh…so you think you are something special?

Yes, Think Natalia is “something” special. And so are you. Think Natalia’s mother raised her in the belief that she can reach any goal and be anybody she wants – if she puts enough effort into it. Competitive sports taught her the same. What about you? What makes you special? 🙂


Why Think Natalia?

Try to correctly pronounce Think Natalia’s last name (Wiechowski). – No worries, even her best friends face the same challenge. So yes, she needed a new (brand) name for the world wide web. She decided for Think Natalia as it can be understood in two ways: As a daily reminder to herself and as an invitation to think a tiny little bit more from her perspective – which is questioning almost everything -, in order to find your own answers for an epic life(style) and business.


Who inspires you?

On one side people like Marie Forleo, Gary Vaynerchuck and Tony Robbins inspire Think Natalia. On the other side she knows more than a hand full of people who live their lives as true leaders. Think Natalia calls them every day (super) heroes and will introduce you to them in our blog posts.


Is it true that you come from out of space?

We don´t know who created that rumor but we hear it quite often. If this belief helps you in reflecting on the questions we ask and on your current situation, then yes – Think Natalia comes from out of space. If the idea of her being an alien scares you, then no, she is a “normal” human being as you are.