My ideaXme Podcast Interview with Andrea Macdonald

AndreThink Natalia Podcast Interviewa Macdonald is a creator, human, an ideas person who loves big ideas and the people who bring them into the world. That was one of the reason why she founded ideaXme, a global ideas movement.


I stumbled upon her concept on Twitter the other day and decide to contact Andrea via e-mail and Linkedin when I read “What’s your story, your reason for creating your big idea?


About the ideaXme Podcast


The mission of ideaXme is to drive the creation of big ideas through telling the stories of current creators by demonstrating that they are human like everyone else. In bringing humanness to the fore, ideaXme hope not just to bring new and exciting ideas into the world in a fast paced technological age. They hope to foster compassion, originality, reciprocity, responsibility, understanding, connection and empathy, all the things that make us super humans.

IdeaXme will be providing help, sharing information and experiences. They want to involve everyone in the creative process. To make it inclusive. To provide engagement opportunities not found elsewhere. This is not just a place to showcase thinking and ideas, this is where real one to one engagement around big ideas happen. Connect with people shaping our world.


Topics we discussed


During 28 minutes, Andrea and I discussed my human story from my former competitive athlete career, over my studies of social science and PhD studies, my sabbatical, reasons for it and my radical life(style) & career change.


In addition to that, I shared my lessons learned and insights on my mission to help people develop striking personal brands and positive, great mindsets. Andrea and I reflected on unconventional social media strategies, online reputation challenges, life hacks to stand out and effective ways of finding the job you love (or being found).

Where you can listen to the podcast


Listen to the ideaXme podcast here. If you prefer using other channels, no worries. You will also find the interview on Soundcloud and iTunes.


Make sure to follow ideaXme on Twitter, Youtube and Facebook to get your daily dose of inspiration. Thank you very much for the invite and for being part of your show, Andrea. I genuinely enjoyed it and hope that this was not the last “mini project” we worked on.