Hate it or love it. 5 controversial benefits of the personal branding game

When recently supporting a small group of individuals in elevating their personal branding skills to the next level, one client stated: “I think I finally got it. But gosh… it is heaps of work! Is all the time one has to invest in a personal brand really worth it?”


That – as always – depends on your why and long term-plans. Although building a personal brand to me often feels like sprinting on a marathon track, or like a fun but challenging game/balancing act, the benefits resulting from a striking personal brand can be enormous. And I do not exaggerate when saying that. Let me sum up five great – yet controversial – benefits for you today.


  1. Higher quality of clients


When you invest your time in becoming a bit better every day – one of the essential requirements of stunning personal branding -, you attract people who do the same. Your vibe attracts your tribe. My currents customers tend to be more authentic, more fun and hungrier for personal growth.


Lesson learned? By investing in my personal brand, I did not only invest in myself but also in the quality of customers that approach me.


  1. Personal Branding & more business (opportunities)


A great personal brand needs to create outstanding social media content and develop genuine relationships (a following in the end is a big amount of social ties). The benefits of continuous great content? You will be – and stay – in the memory and news feed of others. And the next time someone needs services like the ones you offer, they will very likely contact you. An impressive personal brand therefore results in more business or at least in more business opportunities.


Examples? I have received many messages from people telling me “Natalia, I’m a big fan and my company needs a keynote speaker for our next gala dinner…” Or: “Natalia, I’m following you for a while now and I finally quit my job. I want to join your impression management coaching…”


  1. VIP/Influencer invitations


When I was a teenager I always dreamed of being invited to the latest award ceremonies, launch parties and get-togethers in town. Not because my ego enjoys the VIP status; but because I genuinely love art, great music and learning about new concepts, ideas or venues. And this is usually the setup around such events.


Besides that you usually receive lovely pictures (of you at the venue) for your social media channels, which show how colorful and diverse your life is. Sharing those photos all over Instagram, Facebook and Twitter then also indirectly illustrates “BTW, this is how desired and well-connected my personal brand is…”, which can lead to further clients, business opportunities and invitations. This is where the challenging game starts…


  1. Exclusive social networks


Getting invited to launch parties and exclusive get-togethers also gives you access to an exceptional social network. During these events you will very likely meet people you would not meet during a conventional exhibition or seminar: The minster of economy here, influencer xyz with 1,2 million followers on youtube there and various potential customers respectively collaboration partners.


While some individuals seem to focus on food, free cocktails or their mobile phones during such events, I make the most out of the moment by networking with the “right” people: Is there someone I always wanted to do a project with? How do I approach him/her? I rarely come home without a potential project or a business card of a person who can help me with a current challenge I face.


  1. Bigger brands & free products


Believe it or not, the likeliness that more and more well-known big brands will approach you, because they want to associate their brand with you also increases. As a start of a potential collaboration they might send you their clothes, accessories or products – perfumes, body lotions, even free edibles – with a cute personalized message to your doorstep.


If you are smart and understood the personal branding game, you then make the effort and invest in a mini photo shoot of you using that product. The company behind it will happily repost your content on its social media channels. This once again does not only end in proving your personal brand’s greatness (Look! Brand soandso works with me!), it also means free brand exposure towards a new audience. Guess the potential benefits! Exactly. New clients, further business, more collaborations, followers etc.




An amazing, value adding personal brand does not only have the potential to attract a higher quality of clients. It can open doors to more interesting business (opportunities) and exclusive social networks. In addition to that it also gives you access to special events, free products and a new audience.


The advantages of a great personal brand are massive if you know how to use them wisely. The focus is on wisely. I have learned to enjoy them but do not take myself and these new social circumstances too seriously.


For some people success has turned their heads; and they turned into entitled, arrogant snobs full of expectations. And this is the fastest way of ruining your stunning personal brand you invested so much time and work in… As mentioned in the beginning: Personal branding is a fun game but also a challenging balancing act.