Privilee – what’s this luxury hype all about?

Privilee - think nataliaTwo years ago, I was invited to the birthday party of a friend. When I asked one of his guests, Lars, who sat next to me at the table, what excites him the most at the moment, the Danish gentlemen told me about his luxury lifestyle concept that would go live within the next months. I liked the ambitious idea but never heard about it after that…


…until three months ago. Another friend of mine invited me to try Privilee for three months. “It is the ultimate lifestyle membership. With exclusive access to the finest five-star hangouts in the UAE.” Wait a minute… I googled the company and yes, that was Lars! He had turned his idea into a lucrative business. Awesome!


What is Privilee?


Privilee calls itself “a club like no other“. The membership gives you unlimited, exclusive access to the UAE’s finest luxury resorts. What does that mean in detail? As a Privilee member you will receive a range of benefits in the following five areas or categories:


  • Beach & Pool
  • Spa & Wellness
  • Health & Fitness
  • Tennis & Squash
  • Dining & Entertainment


I continued reading up more on the concept and was promised lush pools, private beaches (over 20 beach clubs), top-notch gyms (over 20 gyms), kids’ clubs and tennis courts, spa deals and discounts (20-50%) at more than 100 popular restaurants and bars. Hmmm… I had to see if that was just great Marketing or really part of the package.


How does it work?


The initial registration process was very easy and uncomplicated. I filled out a form and provided the Privilee team with a passport picture. Within less than three days after signing up I received my card.


When visiting the hotels or beach clubs, I usually had to register at the health club reception. I was asked to leave my details and swapped my Privilee card for a hotel membership card, which I kept for the duration of my visit. The majority of hotels managed that part flawlessly.


Which portfolio aspects and locations did I use?


I primarily chilled out and soaked up the sun at the white sands and crystal-clear waters of some of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in Dubai. In addition to that I also tested some recreational spa facilities such as steam rooms and saunas, as this is my way of taking a rejuvenating break after working on my empire. And, of course, I made use of a hand full of the fine dining offers.


The venues I went to were



My favorite premise was the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah. They welcomed me with a calm, temperature-controlled, adult pool (kids not allowed), lush landscaped garden, complimentary water, a fantastic, uncomplicated service and beautiful view at the pool and beach.


Also interesting to know: If you properly plan your day, you can spend a whole day at your favorite venue while using their fitness facilities, then going to the beach or pool, getting a massage later on and meeting friends for lunch or dinner.




All in all I am genuinely convinced of the Privilee concept, although I do understand that it might not be interesting for everybody. In order to figure out if the luxury membership is for you do the following:


Sit down and calculate how much money you regularly spend on one-day beach access passes, your gym, non-discounted spa treatments and dining out. If the sum is higher than 599 AED per month, the Privilee membership definitely is a smart and lucrative investment.


What are your experiences with Privilee?